v7.0.5 (9 March 2022)
* Fixed: Thumbnail images in Tatsu Blog module
* Fixed: Update notification available without purchase code also
* Added: Purchase code validation
* Fixed: Modify License form
* Added: Check for updates
* Added: Manage TGM data

v7.0.4 (22 February 2022)
* Fixed: Apply Colorhub color change on portfolio filter
* Fixed: Php warnings
* Fixed: Rev Slider rendering issue
* Fixed: Thumbnail in Recent Posts module
* Fixed: Background color in header style 3
* Added: Logo max width option in oshine options
* Merged: Typehub and Colorhub with Tatsu

* Fixed: Restore classic widgets editor
* Fixed: Read more custom text for blog
* Fixed: Removed g+ share icon switch in blog settings
* Fixed: Removed read more option from masonry style 2
* Fixed: Revslider background video with tatsu youtube video
* Fixed: Extra space above posts content in blog page
* Fixed: Protected title repetition on protected page.
* Added: Documentation link in oshine options sections.

Oshin theme new version v7.0.2 released. * Fixed: Php 8 compatibility * Fixed: Semi-transparent header in single post * Fixed: Set home page on demo import * Hide read more option when small thumbnail blog style select * Fixed: Scroll to section when header is sticky * Added: Dynamic menu level feature * Fixed: Oshine Options for AWS WordPress Bitnami AMI * Added: wp_body_open function Oshin modules plugin new version v3.2.5 released. * Fixed: Portfolio width double when checked * Fixed: Services module alignment * Fixed: Instagram access token doc link in tatsu * Fixed: Title text display on images slider * Fixed: g+ sharer removed from blog and portfolio * Fixed: Instagram images count * Fixed: Page and oshine gallery freeze on import V1 demo * Fixed: Portfolio Carousel navigation * Added: Portfolio Carousel number of column control * Added: Portfolio Carousel slide show control * Added: Portfolio Carousel slide show speed control * Fixed: Php8 warnings * Fixed: Refresh Instagram access token * Added: Important social icons in Team Module Oshine core plugin new version v1.5.4 released. * Fixed: V4 demo import * Fixed: Set home page on import * Fixed: Set WooCommerce pages on import * Fixed: Import product categories images * Fixed: Set Navigation menu widget select menu * Added: Import WooCommerce images size and thumbnail cropping settings * Fixed: V1 demo import * Fixed: V2 demo import
* Added: Edit heading in Single Masonry blog style
* Fixed: Custom sidebars add & remove button
* Fixed: WP5.7 compatibility 
* Fixed: Spaces in empty search & pagination
* Added: Single Masonry blog style
* Update: jQuery easing library
Fixed: pagination alignment in blog posts
Fixed: portfolio tags view
Fixed: scroll to section
Fixed: fixed left sidebar portfolio
Fixed: tatsu header above gallery
Fixed: carousel slider - ribbon,center slide,horizontal
Fixed: V50 title carousel
Fixed: single page sites menu for logged out user
Fixed: scroll to section with portfolio images
Fixed: split screen left
Fixed: images of posts
Fixed: top bar sticky header
Fixed: scroll to section
Fixed: bugs
Fixed: chr removal
Fixed: menu in single page sites
Gulp fixes.
Oshine 6.9.4
- Redux Framework Updated
- Removed PHP Warnings messages on be-helpers.php
- Fixed v37 Sorting Button Issue
- Fixed PHP 7.4+ compatiblity Issue
- Fixed Twitter Share Button 
- Fixed Justified Gallery Warning Bug
- Fixed v49 Image Loading on Mobile
- Fixed Typehub Typekit Issue
Oshine 6.9.3
- INCLUDED latest version of Slider Revolution - 6.2.20 and Master Slider - 3.3.0 for WP 5.5 compatibility. (No changes made to the theme file)
Oshine 6.9.2
- FIXED WordPress 5.5 Compatibility
- INCLUDED latest version of Slider Revolution - 6.2.18
Oshine 6.9.1
- INCLUDED latest version of Tatsu - 3.2.2, Slider Revolution - 6.2.17 and Metabox Tabs - 1.1.7

Tatsu - 3.2.2
- FIXED the limitation on the number of Tatsu Global Sections displayed in the option. 
Oshine 6.9
- FIXED Issue with Bottom and Penultimate Global Section when Footer builder is used
- FIXED Missing featured Image issue in Masonry Style 2 blog, in Tags and Date archive page 
- INCLUDED latest version of Oshine Modules Plugin - 3.2

Oshine Modules - 3.2
- NEW Included option to Select and Filter items by Tags in Portfolio Module
- NEW Included option to show Tags in Portfolio Thumbnail grid
Oshine (Included plugin Updates)
- INCLUDED latest version of Typehub Plugin - 2.0.2
- INCLUDED latest version of Slider Revolution - 6.2.15
- INCLUDED latest version of Metabox Conditional Logic  - 1.6.13
- INCLUDED latest version of Metabox Tabs  - 1.1.6

Typehub - 2.0.2
- FIXED Custom Font Selector CSS printing issue
- INCLUDED Exposed Custom Font Selectors in Typography Options within Tatsu
- FIXED Issue with Typography CSS in Shop Pages
- INCLUDED latest version of Tatsu - 3.2.1
- INCLUDED latest version of Slider Revolution - 6.2.9
- INCLUDED latest version of Metabox Conditional Logic  - 1.6.12

Tatsu - 3.2
- INCLUDED Code module for Header Builder
- FIXED Included Image Alt Tags in Image Carousel Module
- FIXED Issue with Autoplaying and Looping in Vimeo Video
- FIXED Row Background visibility issue

- FIXED Masonry Style 2 setting for Blog Category and Tag archive page
- FIXED Array conversion issue while generating CSS from Typehub data
- INCLUDED latest versions of Tatsu, Oshine Modules and Typehub Plugin

Tatsu - 3.2
- FIXED compatibility issues with  WordPress 5.4
- FIXED Protocol issue in VIMEO placeholder image

Oshine Modules - 3.1.1
- FIXED Protocol issue in VIMEO placeholder image

Typehub - 2.0.1
- FIXED issue with downloading fonts from the server
- FIXED Sticky Section used with Header Builder
- FIXED Global Section used with Header Builder
- FIXED Updated Woocommerce Add to Cart Filter
- FIXED Number of Comments value in Hero Style Title in Individual Post Page
- INCLUDED Slider Revolution version - 6.1.8
- INCLUDED Metabox Conditional Logic version - 1.6.11

Tatsu -
- WP Forms Styling fixes
- FIXED Sticky Section Animation Trigger in Mobile Devices

Oshin Modules - 3.1
- FIXED Consent Box Position in Newsletter module
- ADDED Aria label in Icon Card Module
- NEW - REMOVED recommendation for Contact Form 7 plugin.
- Included latest version of Slider Revolutuion
Oshine 6.8.9
- NEW - INCLUDED WPForms Plugin via TGM Activation
- INCLUDED latest version of TATSU
- INCLUDED latest versions of Metabox Plugins

Tatsu - 3.1.8
- ADDED WPForms Integration within TATSU and added module to include WPForms in the page
- ADDED aria-label attribute in Icon Card Module for ADA compliance
Oshine 6.8.8
- INCLUDED latest version of Slider Revolution plugin
Oshine 6.8.7
- INCLUDED the latest version of TATSU

Tatsu - 3.1.7
- ADDED aria-label attribute in Button Module for ADA compliance
- ADDED aria-label attribute in Icon Module for ADA compliance
- ADDED aria-label attribute in Animated links Module for ADA compliance
- ADDED code level (filter) option to increase the depth of Menu in Tatsu Header Builder
- FIXED issue with dimensions of Section Preset images in Modal Popup within Tatsu

Oshine Modules - 3.0.9
- FIXED removed related videos from showing up in Youtube video added using Image slider module
Oshine 6.8.6
- ADDED New Modern Co-working Demo 

Oshine Core - 1.5
- NEW - V51 Coworking Demo
Oshine 6.8.5
- FIXED Missing Back to Top Icon when using Footer Builder
- FIXED Missing Hero Section when using Header Builder
- FIXED 404 Page Not Found error while editing using Header and Footer Builder
- FIXED Detecting Images used in Justified Gallery and Carousel Slider in XML Sitemap
- FIXED Format of Image Source URL that was retrieved in Portfolio Module Sitemap XML
- FIXED BG Video (used with Title and Split Screen Carousel Portfolios (v49 and v50 demo) issue in iOS

Tatsu - 3.1.6
- FIXED Issue with Visibility Controls taking effect on screen sizes between 1367px to 1376px

Oshine Modules - 3.0.8
- NEW Made Caption optional in Justified Gallery and added an option to pull Image Description or Title as Caption
Oshine 6.8.4
- FIXED Scrolling issue with Portfolio and Images Sliders (V49 and V50 demos) on iOS devices

Tatsu - 3.1.5
- FIXED Scrolling issue with (Testimonials, Clients, Image) slider modules on iOS devices
Oshine 6.8.3
- NEW - Added Support for Tatsu Header and Footer Builder 
- FIXED - Removed all warnings related to METABOX plugin’s license key.
- Included latest versions of Tatsu, Metabox Conditional Logic and Metabox Tabs Plugin

Tatsu - 3.1.3
- FIXED - Enabled Responsive option for Button’s Margin field
Oshine 6.8.2
- FIXED - Blog Page Name in Breadcrumb bar
- Included latest versions of Tatsu and Oshine Modules plugin

Tatsu - 3.1.2
- FIXED Margin in Animated Text Module
- FIXED Block style Gradient Button styling in Tatsu frame

Oshine Modules - 3.0.7
- ADDED Option to open Animated Link module in new tab
- ADDED Dislike option for Gallery and Portfolio Module
Oshine 6.8.1
- Included latest versions of Tatsu and Oshine Modules plugin

Tatsu - 3.1.1
- FIXED Issue in Role-Based access while assigning multiple roles for users
- FIXED Unable to select Module from the right panel when "Column overlay" is enabled
- FIXED Missing icon option in Button Module

Oshine Modules - 3.0.6
- FIXED Missing Height option in BE Slider module
- FIXED PHP warning when Items per Load is not populated in Gallery Module 
Oshine 6.8
- NEW Title Carousel and Split Screen Portfolio Archive Styles

Tatsu - 3.1
- NEW Admin Side Loading option
- NEW Role Based access to edit using Tatsu

Oshine Modules - 3.0.5
- FIXED BE Slider issue

Oshine Core - 1.3.9
- NEW V49 demo
- NEW V50 demo
Oshine 6.7.7
- Fixed Logo linked to homepage in the new left header static style

Typehub - 2.0
- NEW Custom Font Upload ( Hot )
- NEW Custom Options for custom CSS selectors
Oshine 6.7.6
- Included latest version of Tatsu

Tatsu - 3.0.6
ADDED - New Animated Heading Module with 9 stunning effects
FIXED - Column Shape divider issue in Safari
FIXED Multi Select and Edit issue - Section Padding not working when sections have disparate padding values.
FIXED Setting Section's Z Index to 0, sets the BG Color over the BG Image.
FIXED Inline Text inside Inner Row in Safari
FIXED Divider Module Css ID issue
ENHANCED Typography Field in Tatsu
Oshine 6.7.5
- Includes latest version of Tatsu and Oshine Core plugins
Fixed - Distinguish between "Unable to Save Purchase Code" and "No Changes Made" error while adding/saving License Code

Tatsu - 3.0.5
- FIXED Older shortcodes remapped to Tatsu modules

Oshine Modules - 3.0.4
- ADDED Full Size Image option for Justified Gallery module

Oshine Core - 1.3.9
- Added : New Modern Photography demo - v48
Oshine 6.7.4
- Includes latest version of Master Slider plugin, which has the fix for the WP 5.2 warning issue.
- NEW - Left Header style
- NEW - Maintenance Mode option

Tatsu - 3.0.4
- ADDED - Overflow option for Multilayer images
- ADDED - Loop option for Typed Text module
- FIXED Blur Load mime type function issue in certain servers

Oshine Modules - 3.0.3
- NEW Lazy Load Justified Gallery
- FIXED Gallery module warning issue when using Instagram images

Oshine Core - 1.3.8
- Added : New Agency demo ( Illustrations Style ) - v47

Oshine 6.7.3
Included latest versions of Tatsu, Oshine Modules and Typehub plugins.

Tatsu - 3.0.3
- FIXED Missing Typed Text Alignment option
- FIXED Logo Module Alt tag issue in header builder 
- FIXED Background Attachment Fixed issue in iOS devices
- FIXED Text Block Tinymce editor - Text Mode editing ( Don’t have to switch modes any longer to update changes )

Oshine Modules - 3.0.2
- NEW 54 Pre-Built Section Templates
- FIXED Contact form reply-to issue

Typehub - 1.5
- NEW Font Preview in the backend
- NEW Colorhub Integration - Use Swatches and Palette colors.
Oshine 6.7.2
FIXED Demo Importer Issue - Thumbnails Missing after WordPress 5.2 update
Oshine 6.7.1
Bug Fixes in Tatsu and Oshine Modules plugins

Tatsu - 3.0.2
- FIXED Text Module Loading issue
- FIXED Inline Text save issue when edited after using Select All
- FIXED Section Background Image edit issue

Oshine Modules - 3.0.1
- FIXED Justified Gallery loading issue
Oshine 6.7
Massive Update to Tatsu with a new UI and tons of new features

Tatsu - 3.0.1
Light & Dark Skin:
Choose a color scheme for the editor based on your preference or ambiance. We had to rebuild our entire UI system for this.

Streamlined Editing Interface: 
Clean and Consistent organization of settings using Tabs and Panels. 

Birds Eye View:
A single skeleton that gives you a complete picture of the entire page. Drag and Drop to re-order, double click to edit. 

Complete Customizability: 
Advanced Options like Margin Padding, Border, Shadows, Responsive Visibility, Animations and Identifiers for all modules. Don't worry about bloat, 

Revisions History: 
Go back in time to any of your previous saved states.

Faster Loading:
The editor loads 2x-3x faster than before. 

Custom CSS & JS:
Complete power to the Pros. 

Blend Modes: 
Produce photoshop-like effects using overlay blend modes on section and column backgrounds.

Better Search: 
Easily find options that you are looking for. Highlighted and Grouped. 

Page Reload: 
Not happy with your edits and want to start over? Just reload the editor.

Full responsive control over the typography of text & inline text modules. 

Oshine Modules - 3.0
- All Modules have been updated to work with Tatsu 3.0
Oshine 6.6.5
Includes latest version of Oshine Modules and Tatsu plugins

Oshine Modules - 2.3
Fixed: Instagram Gallery Module issue

Tatsu - 2.9.4
Fixed: Event Calendar Compatibility issue. (  loading issue )
Fixed: Text Module Drag and Drop issue
Fixed: Alt tag issue in single image module ( in case of SVG and GIFs )
- Fixed: Youtube related videos from the same chanel instead of videos based on user history

Oshine Modules - 2.2.9
Added: 2 column layout for portfolio and gallery modules in mobile view.
Fixed:  Title Style - Top, Middle and Bottom didn't work properly in portfolio module.
Added: instagram icon in team module

Tatsu -
Fixed: Youtube related videos from the same chanel instead of videos based on user history
Fixed: Font size issue in typed text module
Added: Alignment option in typed text module
Added: Option to change Headers at a per page level. ( Header Builder )
- New Luxury Spa demo and Included Latest Version of Oshine Core plugin

Oshine Core - 1.3.7
- Added : New Spa demo - v46
- Added Global Section Import Functionality
- Included Latest Version of Tatsu, Oshine Modules & Slider Revolution plugins
- Fixed issue where Animated Content wasn’t loading in the page when 3D Perspective Menu was used
- Fixed Header Color Scheme from taking effect in Blog Archive page
- Fixed Dynamic Css https issue
- Fixed Dynamic Menu Color change when Slider Revolution was used inside Tatsu
- Fixed Animation issue in Right Floating Sidebar

Tatsu -
- Fixed - Saving a Page now preserves its Status & Visibility settings. ( Does not publish automatically )
- Fixed Post Page empty p tag issue

Oshine Modules - 2.2.8
- Fixed Gallery On Scroll reveal issue
- Fixed Issue when Portfolio Filters were all numbers
Included Latest Version of Tatsu

Tatsu -
- Added Section Shape Divider z-index
- Added Full Screen and Custom Height Section Vertical Alignment option
- Fixed Tatsu loading issue with Multi-Layer Image
- Added Single & Multi-Image - Drop Shadow
- Added Gallery - Multi Image Picker array Reverse
Oshine 6.6.4
- Included Latest Version of Tatsu, Typehub, Colorhub & BE GDPR plugins
- Fixed Vimeo Autoplay Issue
- Fixed: Unwanted loading of Youtube and Vimeo API’s
- Fixed: Sticky Section compatibility issue with Default Solid Header

Tatsu - 2.9.3
- NEW Column Shape Dividers
- NEW Rotating Text module with Typewriter effect
- Added Autoplay option for Video Module

Tatsu - 2.9.2
- NEW Multi Layer Image Module
- NEW Numbered & Timeline style for Lists module
- Added New tab setting for Animated Link module
- Added Border & Border Color option for Inner Row
- Added Custom Box Shadow option for Single Image module
- Added Responsive breakpoint for an intermediate screen size between tablet and laptop
- Added Ripple Animation effect for Icon Module

Typehub - 1.4.3
- System Stack made default fallback font stack.
- Fixed Updater Checker class

Colorhub - 1.0.5
- Fixed Update Checker class
- Updated Be Helpers file

Be Gdpr - 1.1.2
- Increased Z-Index of Consent Popup.
Oshine 6.6.3
- Offloaded Plugins to CDN, to reduce theme package zip to 7MB from 35MB. Fewer Installation issues & faster updates.
- Option to subscribe to our mailer regarding updates & notifications
Oshine 6.6.2 - 7th Jan 2019
- Priority Fix: Gallery & Portfolio Meta Box options from Showing up in Gallery Page Template after 5.0 update - Install the theme update and then update Meta Box Show Hide plugin by going to Appearances -> Install Plugins panel 
- Fixed Sticky Sections Scroll Issue in Safari

Typehub - 1.4.2
- Fixed Custom font loading issue when it is used exclusively as a Font Scheme
Oshine - 17th Dec 2018
- Hotfix in Tatsu

Tatsu -
Fixed Fatal error in Post Template class that happens only in lower versions of PHP
Oshine 6.6.1
- Fixed loading issue of external dynamic css files via https.

Tatsu - 2.9.1
New :  Right Panel Controls in Tatsu 
- Live Section Padding adjustment
- Live Column Width Adjustment
- Plus button to add new sections

Oshine 6.6
- Support for Tatsu Global Sections

Tatsu - 2.9
- New : Introducing Global Sections Post type. Create Sections that can be applied to the top & bottom of all / any pages, posts & archives. For ex. You can now create Footers visually using Tatsu.
Oshine 6.5.6
- Add images to Yoast SEO Sitemap images via filter

Tatsu - 2.8.1
- New : Option to Lazy Load Section and Column Images with an initial Blurred background.
Oshine 6.5.5
- Introducing a new demo for Film Studios and Videographers - v45
-  Load Youtube and Vimeo videos using javascript API
- Latest Version of all plugins 

Tatsu - 2.8
- Load Youtube and Vimeo videos using javascript API
- NEW: Image Carousel Module
- NEW: Interactive Box Module - Stunning 3D flip box, multilayer stack effect etc. 
- NEW: SVG Icon Module
- NEW: Multipurpose Card Module - this small yet powerful module for multiple needs from contact information, to team members to restaurant menu items, 
- NEW: Star Rating Module
- NEW: Navigation Menu module
- NEW: Inline Text editor anchor styles and new tab option
- NEW: Sticky Columns, create floating panels with ease
- Added Text Alignment option to Text and Inline Text modules
- Added an option for setting custom height for sections
- Added  prefix & suffix options for Animated Number module
- Added Box Shadow and Border radius options for Inner Column
- Added Border Option for Rows
- Added Max Width option for Single Image Module
- Added playsinline attribute for Background Videos to make them work in iOS devices
- Fixed - Single Image Overllow option issue inside editor
- Fixed Single Image Lightbox image size issue
- Fixed Tatsu Loading issue in some cases when Colorhub swatches were missing.
- Fixed Portfolio Carousel Module editing issue ( unitless number field )

Oshine Modules - 2.2.7
- Load Youtube and Vimeo videos using javascript API
- Fixed Last Letter cutoff issue in Contact Form emails
- Fixed Special heading 6 Module’s font size and letter spacing issue
- Fixed - Gallery and Portfolio module display issue inside Editor

BE GDPR - 1.1.1
- Uses javascript api’s to load videos and google map upon consent. This solves the issue of cookies being unavailable when caching is enabled in the server. 

Colorhub - 1.0.4
- Fixed - CSS generation specificity issue

Oshine Core - 1.3.6
- v45 - Film Studio / Videographer demo’s sample content
Oshine 6.5.4

Tatsu - 2.7.0
- Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 Compatibility. Tested with WordPress 5.0 Beta 3. 

Typehub - 1.4.1
- Typekit fonts loading issue 
Oshine 6.5.3

Typehub - 1.4
- Stored Typekit fonts in Transient to optimise performance

BE GDPR - 1.1
- Styling fixes 
- Added provision to deregister consent option from GDPR Consent Popup
Oshine 6.5.2

Oshine Core - 1.3.5
NEW HOT: v44 - Modern Creative Agency Demo
Oshine 6.5.1
- Fixed Woocommerce deprecated warnings
- Fixed Sticky Sections issue when responsive visibility settings were applied on sections
- Latest Slider Revolution and Master Slider plugins

Tatsu 2.6.9
- Added top and bottom margin option for Rows
- Added negative value support for margin fields
- Added responsive controls for Column Offset, Single Image Offset and Single Image Overflow fields
- New - Colorhub Swatches and Palettes can be applied via the Inline Text Module 
- Added Opactiy control for Inline Text Editor Color picker
- SVG images can be added via Single Image Module ( Should use Safe SVG plugin for sag uploads to media library )

Oshine Modules 2.2.6
- Localised Photoswipe popup text strings=
- Fixed Middledot separator in portfolio items loaded via Ajax ( infinite scroll / load more )

Typehub - 1.3
- Updated Google Fonts List
- Keyboard shortcut for saving options ( CMD+S in a Mac  / CTRL + S in Windows )
- Fixed System Stack Font issue when applied as a Font Scheme

Colorhub - 1.0.2
- Integration with Tatsu’s inline text editor
Oshine 6.5 
Introducing BE GDPR Compliance plugin - Cookie Notice bar and privacy settings popup for getting consent for 3rd party embeds like youtube, Vimeo, etc. API available for integrating other services and plugins.

Tatsu 2.6.8
Fixed: Compatibility issue with Events calendar and Media Library Assistant plugins
Fixed: Gradient Icon CSS Animation fix
New: GDPR consent for Youtube, Vimeo and Google Maps modules

Oshine Modules 2.2.5
New: GDPR consent for Youtube and Vimeo videos in Gallery and Portfolio Lightboxes.
Oshine 6.4.8
Updates to Tatsu and Oshine Core plugins.

Tatsu - 2.6.7
NEW HOT: Section Shape Dividers

Oshine Core - 1.3.3
NEW: v41 - Modelling Agency Demo
NEW: v42 - Salon / Barber Shop Demo
Oshine 6.4.7
Hotfix with Latest version of Tatsu

Tatsu 2.6.7
Fixed: Width issue in Single Image Module
Oshine 6.4.6 - 14th June 2018

Fix - Position of Sidebar in Fixed Sidebar Portfolio Style
Fix - Issue with Scrolling from the last section when Sticky Sections is enabled
Fix - Conditional loading of Vimeo resource in Horizontal Carousel Gallery

Feature - Option to Download and Serve Google Fonts from Local Server - For GDPR Compliance. 

TATSU - 2.6.5
Feature - Responsive Column Width
Feature - Hover Effects on Column, Button and Icon Modules
Feature - Margin and Box Shadow options for all Core Modules
Enhancement - Grouping of Fields in TATSU Editor Panel
Enhancement - Option to navigate to parent components, delete and duplicate in TATSU Right panel.

Fix - Line Animation in SVG Icon Module 
Oshine 6.4.5

Typehub - 1.1
NEW: Typekit Integration

Oshine Core - 1.3.2
NEW: v40 Cafe and Bistro Demo
Oshine 6.4.4
Added GDPR settings tab
Added Options for enabling consent checkboxes to in built contact form and newsletter modules
Added Option for Anonymising IP addresses in Google Analytics Integration

Feature : Added Count and Taxonomy option in Blog Module
Feature : Added consent checkboxes in Contact Form and Newsletter module

TATSU - 2.6.4
Feature : Added option for Self hosted video in  VIDEO module
Oshine 6.4.3 - 11th May 2018
Hotfix with Latest version of Tatsu

Tatsu 2.6.3
Fixed: Issue with Inline text module.
Oshine 6.4.2 – 8th May 2018
This update includes minor bug fixes to Tatsu and Oshine Modules plugins and a couple of new features.

Tatsu 2.6.2
New: Alignment option for divider module
Fixed: Issue with Multi Image Picker in Gallery Module
Fixed: Category Selection option in Portfolio Module
Fixed: Disappearing Color Picker panel when Colorhub plugin was deactivated

Oshine Modules 2.2.2
Fixed: Overlay color issue in Gallery Module
NEW: Category and Tag filters for Blog and Recent Post Modules
Oshine 6.4.1 – 27th April 2018
Tatsu 2.6.1
Resolved a function name conflict

Oshine Modules 2.2.1
Resolved a function name conflict 
Oshine 6.4 – 26th April 2018
New HOT - Colorhub plugin 
Save your colors as swatches and palettes. Integrated with Tatsu, so that colors can be changed across the website with just a click. 

Tatsu 2.6
Gradient Icon and Gradient Button Module.
NEW HOT - Responsive controls for various modules
Gradient Color Picker, Swatches and Palettes Integration.

Oshine Modules 2.2
Responsive Controls 
Gradient Color Picker, Swatches and Palettes Integration.

Oshine Core 1.3.1
Colorhub Integration - All demo content have been updated to use Palettes and Swatches.
Oshine 6.3.1 – 12th April 2018
Fixed - Back To Top button issue in Page Stack Top header style
Fixed - Animate Scroll issue in Blog Archive Page

Typehub 1.0.2
Fixed - Webfont loader is loaded via a protocol independent url

Oshine Modules 2.1.5
Fixed - Justified Gallery Like button issue
Fixed - Portfolio Carousel Hide Category option issue
Mod - Changed Mail to wp_mail function in contact form
Fixed - Countdown Module translation issue
OSHINE 6.3 – 21st March 2018
New HOT - Typehub plugin
Fixed - CSS animations not working with Scroll To Sections ( scroll jacked sections showcased in v13 demo )
Removed - Typography settings panel from the Redux options panel and parsed them to typehub
Fixed - BE Recent Post widget date issue
Fixed - “Disable Css animations in mobile devices” option issue 
Fixed - Special Multi Level menu back button issue. 
Fixed - Featured images not loading in search pages of style 2 masonry blog

Tatsu 2.5.3
Fixed - Multi-level modules navigation issue
Fixed - Column Offset field issue
Fixed - Font loading issue in https connections

Oshine Core 1.2.3
Typehub Integration - Typography can be imported separately. 

Typehub 1.0
Introduction a complete typography management plugin. Provides  thousands of fonts, responsive controls, font schemes, multi-select and edit, and much more
Oshine 6.2
New HOT - Introducing Sticky Sections - a stunning new full screen snapped section style.
Fixed - Fixed sidebar with overflow images issue in mobile devices
Changed Blog Titles to h2 tags from h5.

Tatsu 2.5.2
CSS animations compatibility with Sticky Sections

Oshine Modules 2.1.4
Portfolio Load Animations are compatible with Sticky Sections
Fixed - Portfolio & Gallery images not loading when Image Animation is set to none and Reveal on Scroll is turned on. 

Oshine Core 1.2.2
Sample content for v38 & v39 Demos
Oshine 6.1.5
Includes a hot fix for Tatsu.

Tatsu 2.5.1
Fixed - Duplicated Modules not showing up inside Tatsu.
Oshine 6.1.4
Included latest version of Tatsu
Compatibility with Envato Hosted platform

Tatsu - v2.5
Added Gradient Colors for Section Background and Overlays
Oshine 6.1.3
Oshine 6.1.3
Included Latest Version of Slider Revolution
Included Two New demos - Product Design & Winery
Fixed: Issue with loading css and js assets via CDN

Tatsu 2.4.2
Fixed: Multi Level Module Selection issue in Tatsu
Fixed: Lightbox Navigation issue

Oshine Core 1.2.1
Sample content for v36 & v37 Demos
Oshine 6.1.2

Tatsu 2.4.1

Feature: Options for adding a link and opening it in a new tab to a single image module. Option for Lightbox added as well
Fixed Multi Select and Duplicate keyboard shortcut bug
Fixed pasting color code in Inline Text Editor bug.
Fixed Division by zero error when SVG added to Single Image module using a 3rd party plugin. 

Oshine Modules 2.1.3
Added an option for Maintaining order of Portfolio items inspite of size differences in the grid
Oshine 6.1.1
This is just a plugins update that includes Tatsu version 2.4, where all the new features have been introduced.

Tatsu 2.4
- Feature: Multi Select - CMD/ CTRL + Click to select Multiple Modules and perform batch actions such as edit, delete & duplicate. 
- Feature: Alt+ Drag and Drop to Duplicate modules. Works with single selection as well as Multiple selections
- Feature: Now Copy and Paste Styles from one module to another. 
- Feature: Column Box Shadow Option
Oshine 6.1
- Introducing 6 Stunning New Demos.

Oshine Core - 1.2 
- Included Sample Content of New Demos

Oshine Modules 2.1.2
- Fixed a bug which was preventing Tatsu from loading when css animations were used. 
Oshine 6.0.5
- Hotfix - Gallery post format issue 

Tatsu 2.3.1
- Hotfix - for servers which do not have Number Format class available.
- Hotfix - Jerk issue in latest version of Google Chrome when a module is selected.
Oshine 6.0.4
- Fixed Sticky header issue when full screen section isn’t used
- Fixed issue with Nav Hover style in v19 demo
- Fixed issue of anchor tags not working within woo commerce tabs
- Added extra padding in Image Post Format in Masonry Blog style 2
- Fixed Full Screen section issue
- Fixed issue in loading script dependencies when domain name had the strings ‘min’
- Fixed styling issues in Hero Section Blog style

Tatsu 2.3
- Added Inner Row
- Fixed - Empty ID attribute in Section and Columns
- Fixed issues with Responsive Views within the editor
- Column Border gets applied to Column Inner instead of Outer wrap. 
- Fixed Column Min Height issue in mobile devices in specific cases
- Fixed issue Single Image module’s size attribute selection

Oshine Modules - 2.1.1
- Fixed Masonry Blog Post order issue
- Fixed react parser issue when parsing Chinese characters inside tastu 
- Fixed team social media icons styling issue
Oshine 6.0.3
- Fixed an issue with loading scripts when wp-content was located in different directory

Tatsu 2.2.1
- Fixed an issue where the content was wrapped when a new page is edited with Tatsu for the first time.

Oshine Core 1.1.1
- Fixed v28 and v29 names in the import tab. 
Oshine Theme - 6.0.2
An update with a focus on maximising performance - Refactored Codebase and considerably reduced css and js file sizes. 
- Option to Load Minified CSS and JS assets
- Option to Write Options Panel dynamic to a separate css file instead of using it in the head.
- Scrollbar issue in Fixed Sidebar Portfolio pages
- Moved all styles from style.css to main css and changed ordering so that its easy to override using child theme and also for using minified assets.
- Option to use CDN for Asynchronously loaded scripts.

Oshine Modules 2.1
- Removed Max Width Css from Subtitle module
- Loads Minified assets

Tatsu 2.2
- Fixed Overflow issue of Section Overlays
- Loads Minified assets
Oshine 6.0.1
- Fixed a bug with Fixed Sidebar Portfolio and Title Nav bar
- Firefox Submit Button form styling issue
- Fixed a warning issue in search page
- Fixed array format issue for older PHP versions
Oshine 6.0

Oshine - 6.0
- 2 New Demos 
- 8 New Header & Menu Styles 
- Blog Hero Section Styled Individual Posts
- Blog New Masonry Style 
- Option for Global Navigation bar at the bottom of each individual portfolio
- New Single Portfolio Style
- New Hamburger Icon Styles
- Remade Home sliders of v3, v7, v9, and v11 demos using Slider Revolution plugin for improved responsiveness
- Option for Fixed Footer
- New Menu Hover effects
- New View Project button style
- Fixed Squished image issue in blog posts
- Fixed Shop Product gallery thumbnail styling
- Fixed Firefox form button styling
- Fixed Shop Category title styling
- Fixed menu color FOUT in Left Header Single page sites
- Fixed Transparent headers Dark / Light scheme FOUT issue
- Improved Social Share Icon styling
- Improved Single Post Bottom area styling ( tags , sharing, author info )
- Included Latest versions of Slider Revolution and Master Slider plugins

Oshine Modules - 2.0
- 4 New Portfolio Pre Built Hover Styles
- New Portfolio Details style
- New Animated Link Module
- New Animated Anchor shortcode
- Fixed Portfolio grid issues in IE / edge
- Fixed Portfolio grid issue when resize event is triggered by 3rd party plugins / chrome extensions

Tatsu - 2.1
- Single Image module box shadow option
- Single Image module Overflow option
- Single Image module enhanced lazy loading with placeholder
- Column Border option
- Column Offset Option. 
- Full Screen Column option ( row level )
- Fixed Tatsu line height issue in Inline Editor module
- Fixed Text block drag & drop issue
- Added Alt tags for Single Image module & Testimonial module images
- Fixed Button Double Animation issue
Oshine - 5.2
- Fixed Css Animations issue in Full Screen Scroll Jacked Sections
- Updated Included Slider Revolution and Master Slider plugins to their latest versions

Oshine Modules - 1.0.6
- Portfolio and Gallery Lazy load and On screen reveal options for superior performance
- Changed Grid Formation logic to solve the item ordering issue in the grid and also for a consistent and uniform grid.
- Portfolio filters issue, when filter title’s have special accent marks

Tatsu - 2.0.1
- Expose css animations function for use in the theme.
- Changed animation and durations.
Oshine 5.1
Oshine - 5.1
- Introduced a Welcome screen with a new truly one click importer that imports content, menu, sliders, options and widgets and sets home & blog pages all in one go.
Oshine - 5.0.5
- Fixed tatsu content getting duplicated in SHOP Page
- Woocommerce 3.0 Typography fixes - only partial compatibility requires further testing
- Fixed Blog Load More & infinite Scroll Issue
- Fixed Bracnic Photostream widget issue with PHP 7
- Replaced Icomoon Icon Woff file with Compressed version  ( 50% file size reduction )

Tatsu - 2.0
- Added Animation Delay For Text, Icon, Button, Title with Icon and Single Image
- Added Inline Text Editor Module
- Added Pre Built Section Concepts for Instant Prototyping
- Added Contextual Right Click Menu
- UI and UX Enhancements
- Added Single Image Module
- Fixed Tatsu Protocol Based Edit Url ( http / https )
- Added Column Parallax Feature
- Fixed Safari Column Flex Box issue 
- Fixed Animation start issue inside Tatsu editor
- Changed Module List Ordering
- Fixed Tinymce editor stripping html elements
- Added Code Module for adding custom markup and scripts
- Added Preview Mode in Tatsu Editor 
- Fixed unique id issue in Cygwin servers by adding more entropy

Oshine Modules - 1.0.5
- Fixed Delay Load Fix for Gallery, Portfolio & Justified Gallery
- Fixed Lightbox issue during Infinite Scroll and Load More
- Fixed Load More Button style for Blog, Gallery & Portfolio modules
- Fixed Contact Form Style 2 issue
Oshine 5.0.4

To Migrate to Oshine 5.0 & above from older versions of Oshine, follow instructions here -

Oshine - 5.0.4
- Fixed Logo Loading via http when https is used
- Fixed Vertical and Horizontal loop animation not working in hero section
- Fixed Missing Mobile Menu when Left header is used but Top header Style - 6 is chosen
- Fixed  Transparent Header Menu Color issue when Style 6 is used
- Removed Redux Notices
- Included Latest Slider Revolution Plugin version 5.4.1
- Included Latest Master Slider Plugin version 3.1.2

Tatsu - 1.0.4
- Fixed Gutter less column issue in Safari 
- Weird Sticky header issue section width too small in mobile screen sizes

Oshine Modules - 1.0.4
- Fixed Missing Gallery Title on hover issue
- Fixed Column Overlay Link z-Index bug
- Load required scripts in load and resize events of Portfolio
- Fixed Clients Module New tab issue
- Fixed Recent Posts module column width issue

To Migrate to Oshine 5.0 & above from older versions of Oshine, follow instructions here -

Oshine - 5.0.3
- Scroll to Section bug when Hero Section was used
- Removed duplicate Navigation Dots when both Scroll to Section and Single Page Version settings were used.
- Fixed Installation of Included plugins issue when child theme was active. 
- Fixed Slide Count Bug in Ribbon and Centre Slide Carousels when Info Box is set as first slide

Tatsu - 1.0.3
- Cut / Copy / Paste Feature ( Using Keyboard Shortcodes )
- Keyboard shortcuts for Save, Undo, Redo, Delete, Duplicate, Cut , Copy & Paste Actions.
- Back to Dashboard setting made prominent - UI change and opens in the same tab.
- Row overflow issue in Mobile screensizes
- Fixed Black Bars issue in Vimeo Videos.
- JS Retriggered when Row changed to full width or when a module is duplicated
- Fixed Video Module bug 
- Scroll to the location of the Section when it is added.
- Added support for EDITOR user role.
- Reduced Payload size while sending data to be saved

Oshine Modules - 1.0.3
- Fixed Lightbox  description missing bug
- Added In Built Components for Team, Animated Modules 1 & 2, Tabs, Accordion, Menu Card modules. Instant editing without ajax requests
- Fixed loading of Blog Module inside taste editor
- Fixed Portfolio module Items Per Page bug
- Fixed Lightbox issue in Portfolio Carousel module
OSHINE 5.0.2

To Migrate to Oshine 5.0 & above from older versions of Oshine, follow instructions here -

Oshine - 5.0.2
- Fixed header width issue in archive pages, when Header Inside Border style was used
- Overlay always showing up in Masonry Blog style
- Fixed Tatsu Wrap width issue in Smaller screens when left static header is used
- Recent Posts Widget Permalink issue

Tatsu - 1.0.2
- Fixed percentage padding issue in firefox - Added an extra wrap in Column Shortcode
- Fixed Icon Shortcode additional Margin Right
- Resolved NextGen plugin conflict  
- Fixed unresponsive Module List and Module Editor panels - Router Issue 
- Fixed Margin Bottom issue in Mobile devices of columns inside last row  
- Fixed Tinymce images editor issue. 

Oshine Modules - 1.0.2
- Gallery Overlay Issue
- Fixed Blog Masonry Layout issue, when gallery (image slider) post format is clicked.
- Fixed Gallery Lightbox issue - Magnific Popup style which supports video wasn't taking effect.

Oshine 5.0.1

To Migrate to Oshine 5.0 & above from older versions of Oshine, follow instructions here -
- Fixed Compatibility issues with PHP 5.3 and nginx servers
- Fixed missing text transform & letter spacing settings in Options Panel
- Updated Tatsu, BE to Tatsu Converter and Oshine Modules plugin to version 1.0.1 with Bug Fixes


Oshine 5.0

- New Front End Page Builder plugin named  TATSU replacing the old BE Page Builder plugin
- New Oshine Modules Plugin containing all the shortcodes 
- Completely Refactored Javascript with Asynchronous & On Demand loading of Javascript files for enhanced performance
- Included BE To Tatsu Converter plugin to convert the pages & posts built using the old BE Page Builder to a format recognised by Tatsu
- WordPress 4.7 compatible
- CSS Transform based Parallax
- Upgraded to Flexbox based CSS Layout Framework

Oshine 4.6.1 - 1st Sep 2016

BE Page Builder - 4.6.1 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
BE One Click Import - 2.0 Update using Plugin Auto Update 

BE One Click Import
1. New demos - V27 Apartment/Villas Demo

1. Left Static Header issue in Blank Template in small desktop screen size

BE Page Builder 
1. Styling issue in Style 4 Special Header Style
Oshine 4.6 - 27th Aug 2016

BE Page Builder - 4.6 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
BE One Click Import - 1.9 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
Master Slider - 3.0.4

	1.	Styling adjustments on Portfolio Share Icons
	2.	Portfolio Filter Styles and Typography Options

BE Page Builder
	1.	Special Title 4 - Subtitle, Title and vertical Divider
	2.	Special Title 5 - Subtitle overlaid on Title
	3.	Dropcaps Style 2 - Icon/Alphabet/Number with Title overlaid on it
	4.	?Button Group
	5.	Icon Group
	6.	Bubble Testimonial
	7.	?Icon Card
	8.	Icon / Image Grid Module - Added Left, right and Center Alignment Options 
	9.	Fixed Height Animated Module - Smoothened Animation and added option to show Title Along with Icon 
	10.	Contact Form - New Style with Name and Email in 1/2 column
	11.	?Link Style Button
	12.	Background Color Option for Accordion Toggle?
Oshine 4.5.1 - 8th Aug 2016

BE Page Builder - 4.5.1 Update using Plugin Auto Update 


	1.	Option to add Gallery Information as First Slide in Ribbon and Centre Slide Carousel Gallery. 	

	1.	Anchor Tag/Button navigation issue in Mobile
	2.	Enable Full Screen mode on Embedded Vimeo videos
	3.	Enabled Vimeo Video Controls in mobile devices
	4.	Rounding up of Image dimensions in Carousel Gallery to fix gaps due to browser approximation


	1.	Option to add Image Title on Grid Gallery
Oshine 4.5 - 3rd Aug 2016

BE Page Builder - 4.5 Update using Plugin Auto Update 

Theme -

1.	Two New Top Header Styles added- 
	-  Left Logo with Left Navigation bar 
	-  Centre Logo with Left Navigation bar

	1.	Mouse Wheel/Track Pad “Scroll to Sections” issue in Firefox
	2.	Left header menu links cursor pointer issue
	3.	Mobile menu links cursor pointer issue
	4.	Mobile menu links line height issue while using select Custom Fonts
	5.	Recent Posts widgets issue on Search Pages

	1.	One Column Portfolio and Gallery added
Oshine 4.4.2 - 11th July 2016

BE Page Builder - 4.4.2 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
BE One Click Import - 1.8 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
Slider Revolution - 5.2.6 
Master Slider - 2.29.0

	1.	Split Screen Template width Issue in Left Strip header
	2.	Empty Canvas wrapper issue
	3.	Application of Standard Fonts 
	4.	Mobile Menu Icon Reset on Screen Resize
	5.	Right Sidebar menu issue

BE Page Builder
	1.	Google Maps API issue 
	2.	Infinite Scroll issue in Justified Gallery
	3.	Missing overlay in Portfolio Carousel and Team Modules

BE One Click Import
	1.	2 New Demos added - V24 and V25
Oshine 4.4.1 -  21st June 16

	1.	Provided compatibility with Woocommerce 2.6x versions
	2.	Fixed the Floating Cart Drop Down issue in Header Widgets
	3.	Fixed the Product Images Lightbox issue
Oshine 4.4 - 13th June 16

BE Page Builder - 4.4.1 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
BE One Click Import - 1.6.1 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
Slider Revolution - Update using TGM under APPEARANCES > INSTALL PLUGINS

It is mandatory to update both the Theme and Be Page Builder plugin to latest versions for seamless functioning.

	1.	Overlay Menu Click issue
	2.	Issue with application of Standard Fonts
	3.	Hyper linking Current page in Bread Crumb Module
	4.	Instagram feed logic updated 

	1.	Option to link Portfolio item to External URL in Portfolio Page Template

BE Page Builder
	1.	Added “https” for youtube and vimeo videos

	1.	New Justified Gallery Module added
	2.	Instagram feed logic updated 

BE One Click Import
	1.	Sample content for New Demos added - V23
Oshine 4.3.1 - 28 April 2016

BE Page Builder - 4.3.1 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
BE One Click Import - 1.6 Update using Plugin Auto Update 

It is mandatory to update both the Theme and Be Page Builder plugin to latest versions for seamless functioning.

	1.	Ajax Transition Issue fixed
	2.	Minor Javascript fixes

	1.	Option to add Background Color to Mobile Menu Icon added.
	2.	3 New demos added - showcasing the new Page Template - Split Screen

BE Page Builder
	1.	Minor CSS and Javascript fixes

BE One Click Import
	1.	Sample content for New Demos added - V20, V21 and V22
BE Page Builder - 4.3 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
BE One Click Import - 1.5.1 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
Master Slider - 2.29.0 Replace old version manually
Slider Revolution - 5.2.5 Update using TGM under APPEARANCES > INSTALL PLUGINS

It is mandatory to update both the Theme and Be Page Builder plugin to latest versions for seamless functioning.

Bug Fixes:
	1.	Woocommerce Product Search Page content issue
	2.	Issue with Navigation Menu Links being unclickable when Custom Fonts are used in Firefox
	3.	Single Page Menu Highlight Issue in Left Header
	4.	Dynamic Header Color Scheme change effect removed while using Slider Revolution with Semi Transparent Header
	5.	Header colour Scheme issue in Semi Transparent Header fixed

	1.	Option to disable Dynamic Header Color Scheme change
	2.	Sub Menu opens even when Parent (#/empty) link is clicked in Mobile Menu and Left Header Menu
	3.	New “Split Screen Left and Right” Page Templates added. Demos showcasing this feature to be added soon. 
	4.	Option to Enable Breadcrumbs in Single Blog Post Page

Bug Fixes:
	1.	Portfolio Category Filter Performance issue in Firefox
	2.	Portfolio Filter by Tags issue
	3.	Disable Like Option issue in Portfolio Pagination
	4.	TinyMCE Hyperlink controller visibility issue

New Features:
	1.	Section Offset Feature added. Demos showcasing this feature to be added soon. 

BE One Click Import - Bug Fixes: 
	1.	Included Parallax Page in V1 demo content
Oshine 4.2 - 14th April 2016
Bug Fix:  Add Media button issue in Hero Section Background as well Portfolio Images meta box panel, after the recent wordpress 4.5 update 
Oshine 4.1 - 29th March 2016

BE Page Builder - 4.1 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
BE One Click Import - 1.5 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
Master Slider - 2.28.3 - Replace old version manually
Slider Revolution - 5.2.1 - Replace old version manually

It is mandatory to update both the Theme and Be Page Builder plugin to latest versions for seamless functioning.
Backup your database and Options panel prior to updating. Instructions to update the theme & plugins available in this link:



	1.	Mobile Menu Issue in Carousel and Slider pages
	2.	Issue with choosing Sidebar in Shop Page
	3.	Issue with Color Scheme not taking effect in Page Builder Full Screen Section with Transparent Header
	4.	Width of Single Post Page, while Sidebar is disabled 
	5.	Set the Default Background Size property for Header Background as Cover in Options Panel
	6.	Fixed Typography of  View Project and Project Details Button in Single Portfolio Page
	7.	Issue with Scroll to Sections when Hero Section is not used in the Page.
	8.	Menu Hover Animation Styling refinements 
	9.	Issue with Visibility of Carousel Thumbnail Bar in Full Screen Slider
	10.	Removed Favicon Option under OSHINE OPTIONS > GENERAL SETTINGS. The Favicon should be uploaded under APPEARANCES > CUSTOMISE > SITE ICON panel
	11.	Issue with Style2 Header in Blank Page Template
	12.	Issue with Header Border visibility, while using Sticky Header

BE Page Builder :


	1.	Issue while using single slide in Testimonial, Tweet, Image Slider, Content Slider modules. 
	2.	Tweet Module Typography
	3.	Issue with Enable Title and Overlay by Default option when Fade Hover style is chosen
	4.	Removed showcase of Related Videos in Lightbox Video


	1.	Image/Icon Grid Module - Added Alignment option
	2.	Image/Icon Grid Module - Made module styling compatible with Variable Content lengths

BE One Click Import
	- Revamped Sample Content with Lighter Blurred Images for a faster and streamlined import process. 
Oshine 4.0 - 23rd Dec 2015 - Major Update

BE Page Builder - 4.0 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
Master Slider - 2.25.4 - Replace old version manually
Slider Revolution - 5.1.5 - Replace old version manually

It is mandatory to update both the Theme and Be Page Builder plugin to latest versions for seamless functioning.
It is recommended that you backup your database or atleast your Options Panel before performing the theme update. 

Theme Updates


	1.	Horizontal Carousel Track Pad & Mouse Wheel sensitivities normalised 
	2.	Woocommerce search fix
	3.	Single Portfolio Carousel and Sliders Lazy loading Issue during Ajax page transitions
	4.	Portfolio Title Navigation Top bar BG issue
	5.	Admin area search issues
	6.	Remove images limit in Gallery Template Options Meta Box, previously restricted to 100.
	7.	Blog Masonry Style - Category & Tag Archive pages column misalignment issue
	8.	Blog Featured Image Lightbox Option issue
	9.	Removed be-themes-comments class from 404.php file
	10.	Conditional Publishing of Google Analytics script
	11.	Fixed Sidebar scrolling beneath footer issue ( will now stop at the top of footer )
	12.	Woocomerce Sort Field issue in Mobile
	13.	Autoplay duration issue in Single Portfolio Carousels and Sliders
	14.	Body Background Size Property Issue in Options Panel
	15.	Left Header Single Page Site Issue
	16.	Instagram Widget Alignment Issue 
	17.	Text Input and Message field alignment Issue
	18.	List Bullet spacing made proportional to Font Size
	19.	Style4 Header compatibility in Single Page Site
	20.	WPML config file updated with Option Panel Settings
	21.	Logo Image will use Site Title (Settings > General) as Alt attribute
	22.	Lightbox Issue with Blog Items loaded via Infinite Scroll
	23.	Missing pjax links on Portfolio and Blog Items loaded via Infinite Scroll/Load More
	24.	For Developers : Added several filter hooks for additional customisability


	1.	Hero Section Scroll Indicator Down Icon animation
	2.	New Hero Section Mouse Wheel Scroll Indicator
	3.	New Circular Button Style 
	4.	Top Header Menu Link Hover Animation
	5.	New Hover Color option for Menu Links (Defaults to Color Scheme)
	6.	Option to Disable Logo in Header 
	7.	Updated Page Meta Boxes
	8.	New Portfolio Navigation Grid Icon Design and Animation
	9.	Animated Falling Menu Animation enhancement
	10.	Overlay Menu Animation Enhancement
	11.	Mobile Menu Icon Dimension Option
	12.	Mobile Menu New Styling
	13.	Mobile Menu Icon animation enhancement
	14.	Border Layout Width Option
	15.	Reordered Oshine Options Panel 
	16.	Updated Redux Framework
	17.	H1-H6 Heading Tags Mobile Font Sizes
	18.	Portfolio Taxonomy Page layout options - 'No Wrap' and 'Gutter Width'
	19.	Blog Masonry layout options - 'No Wrap' and 'Gutter Width'
	20.	New Updated Oshine Knowledge Base

BE Page Builder Updates


	1.	Animated Module Styling and Functionality enhancement - uses css3 animations
	2.	Removed erroneous application of Double Width on thumbnail images in Portfolio / Gallery masonry style
	3.	Partial support for default WordPress Gallery shortcode.
	4.	Issue in Page Builder Gallery Module - Photoswipe style, during Ajax page transitions
	5.	Firefox Lightbox Gallery Portfolio Arrow color issue
	6.	Column Padding Mobile Fixes
	7.	Retina Icons for Page Builder Gallery Module - Photoswipe style
	8.	Isotope Layout Issue
	9.	BE Slider/BE Image Slider default Width
	10.	Tweets Module Pagination issue
	11.	Page Builder Section Background Attachment property forced to "Scroll" Property
	12.	Portfolio and Gallery Images will use Alt Text setting from Media Library
	13.	Script and Style Tags sanitised
	14.	Text colors in Visual Previews of Page Builder forced to darker color for better accessibility
	15.	Made News Letter Success message Translatable


	1.	Border Spacing for Page Builder Columns 
	2.	Left and Right padding for Page Builder Sections
	3.	New Circular Button Style 
	4.	New Portfolio Overlay Style
	5.	Animated Page Builder Column Overlays 
	6.	Link Entire Page Builder Column blocks
	7.	Clients, Tweets, Testimonials, BE Image Slider Carousel Loop functionality
	8.	Option to add CSS ID & Classes for Page Builder Sections, Rows & Columns
Oshine 3.1 

BE Page Builder - 3.1 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
Master Slider - 2.20.4 - Replace old version manually
Slider Revolution - 5.0.9 - Replace old version manually

It is mandatory to update both the Theme and Be Page Builder plugin to respective latest versions for seamless functioning.

Theme Updates 
1. Slider Counts issue when adding Video Slides fixed
2. Full Screen slider image dimension issue fixed
3. Issue in displaying the images while swapping from Tablet Portrait to Landscape mode fixed

BE Page Builder Updates
1. Client Carousel Autoplay Fixed
2. Issue in pulling up 1st Slide in BE Image Slider and Autoplay issue Fixed
3. Styling issue in BE Image Slider fixed
4. Load More text made Translatable
5. Upgraded the Portfolio Navigation Module in Page Builder to use the specific HOME url link and CATEGORY TRAVERSAL option from Portfolio Metabox option. 
6. Portfolio grid issue in Tablet Portrait mode fixed
7. Fixed the issue with Portfolio Items getting duplicated on Infinite Scroll/Load More.
BE Page Builder - 3.0.1 Update using Plugin Auto Update 

Master Slider - 2.20.3 - Replace old version manually

Slider Revolution - - Replace old version manually

Note - We have re-structured the Javascript and CSS code files in this version to facilitate performance enhancement. It is essential that you clear and disable all kind of cache after installing this version of the Theme and Be page Builder Plugin, in order for the Files to load and function correctly. 

It is mandatory to update both the Theme and Be Page Builder plugin to respective latest versions for seamless functioning.

Theme Updates 

1. Enhanced the existing CENTERED and FULL SCREEN SLIDER to include following features - 
a. Drag and Touch Swipe Gesture. 
b. Auto Slider feature
c. Looping feature

2. Added 2 NEW CAROUSEL SLIDERS - Ribbon Carousel and Center Slide Carousel which has - 
a. Drag and Touch Swipe Gesture. 
b. Auto Slider feature
c. Looping feature

3. Minor Styling Issue fixes

BE Page Builder Updates

1. Enhanced the following modules to include Drag and Touch Swipe Gestures - Client Carousel, Portfolio Carousel, Tweets, Testimonials, Content Slider, Image Slider 

2. Fixed the issue with Lightbox Gallery in  Portfolio Carousel
Oshine 2.2 - 4th September 2015

Plugin Version Updates
BE Page Builder - 2.2 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
Master Slider - 2.20.1 - Replace old version manually
Slider Revolution - 5.0.6 - Replace old version manually

Theme Bug Fixes
1. Fixed - WordPress 4.3 deprecated widget function
2. Fixed - Slider Caption missing bug in mobile devices
3. Fixed - Mobile Video Background Placeholder image missing bug
4. Fixed - Woocommerce 2.4.6 styling & formatting issues
5. IE fixes -
	- Animated Module issue 
	- Fixed Sidebar on top of Footer issue 
	- Horizontal Carousel Initial Load bug
	- Contact form default height issue.

BE Page Builder Fixes 
1. Fixed - Search not scanning page builder content bug.
2. Fixed - Instagram Gallery feed of a different user bug.
Oshine 2.1.2 - 1st Aug 2015

Theme Bug Fixes
1. Single Page Menu Navigation Highlight issue in Firefox
2. Mobile Menu Icon toggle issue in Single page version
Oshine 2.1.1 - 29th July 2015

Theme Updates
1. Option to key in Access Token for Instagram feed is included under 'Oshine Options > Site Layout'

Theme Bug Fixes
1. Single Page Menu Navigation Highlight 
2. Single Page Navigation Bullets Highlight
3. Mobile Menu Icon toggle issue in Single page version
4. Instagram Gallery Issue
5. Portfolio/Gallery Load More button Styling Issue
6. Formatting issue in Link and Quote Style Blog Post 
Oshine 2.1 - 13th July 2015

Note - Updated version of plugins are included in the theme. 

BE Page Builder - 2.1 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
Master Slider - 2.18.2 Delete old version and re-install afresh
Oshine Child Theme is updated - 1.2 - Code Snippet to restore Default WP Gallery shortcode provided. The code is commented and can be used if needed. 

Theme Updates
1. Option to open portfolio external URL in same tab is added in the Portfolio Post Type metabox

Theme Bug Fixes
1. Mobile Menu touch Sensitivity and animation 
2. Logo spacing issue in ‘Center Logo’ styled header(V17 demo)
3. Dual Carousel Portfolio Page Template issue 
4. Image size in Blog single posts fixed to take correct width
5. Woocommerce Page Styling Issue in Mobile devices

BE Page Builder Fixes 
1. Issue with Portfolio thumbnails to open in new tab on Load More/Infinite Scroll 
2. Infinite Scroll and Load More fix in Gallery, Blog and Portfolio Module
3. Conflict due to CSS class name on Services Module
Oshine 2.0 - 19th June 2015

Note - Updated version of plugins are included in the theme. 

BE Page Builder - 2.0 Update using Plugin Auto Update 
Master Slider - 2.17.0 Delete old version and re-install afresh

Theme Updates
1. Included Sidekick Plugin - with Real Time Voice Guided Tutorials to use the theme
2. Options Panel CSS printed inside instead of separate file. - Enhanced Speed. 
3. Optimized File Inclusions, unwanted / outdated scripts removed.
4. Documentation Updates with Video Tutorials - Will be continued

Theme Bug Fixes
1. Client Carousel issue in Safari
2. Blog Masonry issue
3. Woocommerce Country & State Dropdown issue. 
4. Woocommerce Social Sharing Warning.
5. Duplicate Logo during ajax transition from transparent to default header issue
6. Revolution Slider v17 modified sample import file. 

BE Page Builder Fixes 
1. Newsletter Module default First Name & Last Name issue. 
2. Google Maps shortcode refactored
3. Firefox Column Overflow issue.
Oshine 1.9 - 21 May 2015

Note - Updated version of plugins are included in the theme. 

BE Page Builder - 1.9 
BE One Click Import - 1.4 
BE Portfolio Post - 1.1 
Revolution Slider - 4.6.93 
Master Slider - 2.14.2 

Theme Updates
1. Two new demos - V17 for Photography and V18 for Restaurant
2. Photoswipe Lightbox Implemented
3. Theme One Click Updater implemented. Easy One Click Updates will be possible in subsequent updates, after saving the Purchase Code under Appearances > Oshine Purchase Code. 
4. New Blog Style Included
5. New Menu Style Included - With centre logo and menu on either sides
6. Double Width and Double Height option added for Images in Media Library. This can be used in Gallery Module in Page Builder. 
7. Option to disable Sidebar in Single posts page
8. Option to have custom Slug for Portfolio Post items 

Theme Bug Fixes
1. Made ‘Read More’ text translatable 
2. TGM Bulk Plugin Install and activation fixed
3. Pinterest Social Share Icon included
4. Position of Info Box in Mobile Screens in Portfolio Sliders fixed
5. Removed default styling on Revolution Slider navigation arrows

BE Page Builder Fixes and Updates
1. Photoswipe Lightbox Implemented which has Social Sharing option on each image. 
2. Infinite Scrolling and Load More type pagination included in Gallery Module
3. Double width and Double Height options for Gallery Items. 
4. Alignment Option and Custom Button text option in Newsletter module
5. Magnific Pop up arrow styling changed to suit theme design
6. Option to add Custom Pin in Google Maps module
7. Testimonial Module alignment issue fixed 
8. Countdown module issue in Firefox and Safari fixed
9. Countdown module Typography issue fixed

BE Portfolio Post Type Updates
1. Plugin modified to have custom Slug option

BE One Click Import 
1. Import Content for new Demos V17 and V18
2. Provision to import Content , Options and Widgets individually
OSHINE 1.8.2 - April 30 2015

Note - Updated version of BE Page Builder and Revolution Slider is included. Make sure you update and activate the latest version using our Plugin Auto Update feature (for BE Page Builder). 

1. API Key error that was occurring due to Google Maps module is fixed. 
2. Latest version of Revolution Slider is included. This is an important update from the plugin authors that is related to security issues. 
OSHINE 1.8.1 - April 27 2015

Latest Version of Master Slider(2.12.2) and BE Page Builder(1.8.1) plugins are included. This is a vital and mandatory update for MasterSlider plugin. 

OSHINE 1.8 - April 22 2015

Note - Updated version of BE Page Builder and MasterSlider is included. Make sure you update and activate the latest version using our Plugin Auto Update feature (for BE Page Builder). 

1. Critical XSS Vulnerability fixes for TGM Activation Class and Redux Framework
2. Issue with Slider Content Area Scroll
3. Fixed Alert box bug in full screen section pages
4. Fixed Header Border issue
5. Issue with Client Carousel Opening in a New Tab
6. Remove a tag around Strip logo and make cursor appear

1. Updated Redux Framework to 3.5.4, now Options Panel has AJAX Save and loads much faster
2. Button setting to open link in a new tab
3. Add unique classes for Portfolio Details module elements
4. Captions in Centered Slider
OSHINE 1.7 - March 26 2015

Note - Updated version of BE Page Builder and MasterSlider is included. Make sure you update and activate the latest version using our Plugin Auto Update feature (for BE Page Builder). 


Bug Fixes
1. Logo URL linked to Home page (instead of Admin URL when wordpress core is installed in different directory)
2. Linked loader style 6 to Color scheme
3. Lightbox in Portfolio modified to open only the corresponding thumbnail and not all Images on the page (that are attached to Lightbox). 
4. Blank template fixed to work on Left Header template
5. Woocommerce duplicate country select box bug fixed
6. Removed Email validation of contact form settings in options panel to allow multiple recipients to be set

1. Password Protected galleries
2. Pause Vimeo when moving from slide to another in both full screen sections, Portfolio sliders and gallery page template.


1. Pause Vimeo when moving from slide to another in both full screen sections, Portfolio sliders and gallery page template.

Oshine 1.6 - Feb 19 2015


Bug Fixes
1. Order of Content issue in Dual Carousel Slider
2. Full Screen Grid Style issue in Portfolio Taxonomy Pages
3. Portfolio Filter issue while using Load More and Infinite Scroll
4. Background Image ‘Cover’ property issue when added in Hero section from Options Panel
5. Carousel Slider Image stretch issue in iPhone Landscape orientation

1. Title and Description on Lightbox Videos
2. 3 different Background Animation Canvas on Hero Section
3. Included German Translation
4. Theme made compatible with latest Woocommerce plugin version - 2.3.4. 

BE Page Builder

Bug Fixes
1. Portfolio thumbnail size issue in 1280 and 1440 screen sizes
2. Height animation in ‘Variable Height Animated Module’ in Safari

1. Countdown Module
2. Email icon in Team Module

Oshine 1.5 - Jan 30 2015

Note - Updated version of MasterSlider plugin is included.


Bug Fixes
1. Changed blog date format to take effect from wordpress core settings
2. Added class to share & tag section in single blog 
3. Enabled Excerpts when using Page Builder for blog posts
4. Option to exclude specific links from ajax loading using an exclusive CSS class named 'no-ajax' included
5. Contact Form issue with Name & Subject fields Missing fixed
6. Overlay in Horizontal Carousel slider in mobile devices fixed
Oshine 1.4 - Jan 13 2015

Note - Updated version of BE Page Builder and MasterSlider is included. Make sure you update and activate the latest version using our Plugin Auto Update feature. 
Oshine Child Theme is updated. Buyers using the child theme, should update the child theme as well. 


1. Oshine Child Theme made compatible to create translations using ‘CodeStyle Localization’. 
2. Function to enable ‘WPML language switcher’ short code is included. 
3. Included new Page Template named ‘Blank Page’ which will have only the Content shown, without the Header and Footer

Bug Fixes
1. Bullets to indicate Carousel Thumbnail
2. Menu link color on Left Header on hover and current page
3. Single blog page issue fixed in cases where ‘No Sidebar’ is chosen for main blog page. 
4. Made the string ‘Search’ translatable
5. Top Overlay Meny in Mobile version issue fixed


BE Page Builder Bug Fixes 
1. ‘Portfolio Home’ link  in portfolio navigation module fixed
2. Call to Action module’s open link in new tab issue fixed
Oshine 1.3.1 - Jan 3 2015


Bug Fixes
1. PHP Parse error in BE One Click Import plugin fixed. 
Oshine 1.3  - 26th Dec 2014

Note - Updated version of BE Page Builder, BE One click import, Master Slider and Slider Revolution plugins are included. Make sure you install and update the latest version. 


1. Carousel Slider, Full Screen Slider, Centered Slider to use natural scroll in Mobile devices

Bug Fixes
1. Position of Sticky header Center Logo (right-left menu)
2. Height of header in Mobile Devices
3. Right issue border in ‘Header Top Border Layout’ Layout
4. Logo Position issue while scrolling in  ‘Header Top Border Layout’ Layout
5. Carousel Slider , Full Screen Slider, Centered Slider Swipe Issue fixed in iPad


1. Page Builder Enabled for Posts
2. Additional Variation in Animated Module Shortcode
3. Auto Update Feature included for BE Page Builder and BE One Click Import Plugin
4. Master Slider 2.9.6 included
5. Slider Revolution 4.6.5 included

Bug Fixes
1. Page Builder backend - Icons bug in Firefox
2. Google Maps issue
Oshine 1.2 - Dec 15 2014


BE Page Builder
1. Additional Style for Portfolio Details module
2. Additional Style for Portfolio Navigation module
3. Two Column Portfolio
4. Two Column Gallery

1. New Demo - MOBILE APP LANDING PAGE variation - Oshine V16
2. New Header Style - Center Logo variation
3. Option to enter custom ‘Aspect Ratio’ for portfolio thumbnail Images. 


1. Click Recognition on Page Elements (occurred on first click after navigating through browser back button) 
2. Contact form Typography
3. Woo Commerce Responsiveness 
4. Logo and Header dimensions in smaller screen sizes 
5. TGM Bulk Activation 
Oshine 1.1 - 4th Dec 2014
Oshine V14 - SIngle Page demo content included
Updated documentation Details

BE Page Builder Plugin - Minor bug fixes
BE One Click Import - Updated plugin, with new demo data.

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