The next level in the structure of the Page Builder, are the columns. One row can have more than one columns. The image below mentions what each icon in the column panel mean.


Row Splitters

Like said before, one row can have many columns. Using the Row Splitters, you can divide the row into the number of columns you need.

Add Shortcode

It is within these columns you will be adding the individual shortcode modules. Click this icon, to open the list of Shortcode Modules and add them.

Paste Shortcode

Every Shortcode can be copied to the clipboard (like Sections and Rows). Click this button to paste any Shortcode that was copied.

Column Settings

There are some important settings that can be done on the columns. Here is a list of what each of these settings mean.

BACKGROUND – You can apply a color or Image as BG to the column.

Background Color
Background Image
Browse Files
Background Repeat
Background Attachment
Background Position
Center Scale Image to occupy container

PADDING – These options are to set padding values around the modules in the columns. Note that you have to enable the option ‘Column Padding’ for the padding to take effect. 

Top Padding
Right Padding
Bottom Padding
Left Padding
Padding Values To
Column Padding – Enable this for the padding values above to take effect

BACKGROUND VIDEO – Apart from Color and Image, you can also add a video as BG to the columns. Note – To ensure the video is compatible in all browsers , you have to upload it in all the 3 formats and provide the link respectively. 

Enable Background Video
.MP4 Video File
.OGG Video File
.Webm Video File


Enable Background Overlay
Background Overlay Color
Background Overlay Opacity


Enable CSS Animation
Animation Type

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