Creating a Left Floating Sidebar

Steps to create a Left floating Sidebar Portfolio Page


Navigate to PORTFOLIOS -> ADD NEW in your wordpress backend and create a new item by setting a Title & Featured Image. The Featured image is what will be used as a thumbnail in the Portfolio Grid. Optionally you can create & assign categories to your portfolio item.


In the same edit screen of the portfolio item that you created in the above step, locate the OSHINE – PORTFOLIO OPTIONS panel ( usually located beneath the Page Builder ). In the Single Portfolio Settings Tab, set the Portfolio Single Page Style option as Single Page – Left Floating Sidebar.


Upload the Images under the Portfolio Images option called in the Single Portfolio Settings Tab.


(Optional) The Project Details should be entered in the Portfolio Details Tab .


The content to be shown in the floating sidebar should be entered in the Page Builder ( if enabled ) or in the default content editor. You can use the PORTFOLIO DETAILS module in the Page Builder to publish information such as Clients , Project date etc. that were added in Step 4.

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