General Settings

This panel has the settings for the basic operation of the site

Cache Options Panel Settings?

Based on the options that you set up in the Options panel here, we will generate a computed stylesheet that will be used in the theme. When you turn this option ‘ON’ here, the settings will be cached, and the stylesheet will be pulled from the cache. This option is provided to speed up the performance. It is thus understood that, if you need to make changes to the panel you need to turn this OFF. Only then will the cached copy be cleared and the new settings will be saved. It is recommended that you turn the option ON only after you have completed the settings.

Google Analytics Code

Enter only the Google Analytics ID for the site here

Custom CSS

Enter any custom styling you need to add. This option will take precedence over the styling in the theme, and you need not have to modify the styling in the core files in any case.

Custom Javascript

Enter any custom Javascript you need to add.

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