How do I setup Dual Carousel Portfolio Page?

Dual Carousel Portfolio is one style in which you can showcase your portfolio items other than, Portfolio Grid and Horizontal Carousel Portfolio. The Dual Carousel portfolio will pull up the Portfolio Items that you create under PORTFOLIOS > ADD NEW. The Dual Carousel page will have 2 elements – the Content and Sliding Images.

Here is a preview of the Dual Carousel Page.


  1. The Content will be pulled from the Page Builder Section of the Individual Portfolio Post Item.
  2. The Images will be pulled from the Portfolio Images option under OSHINE – PORTFOLIO OPTIONS metabox in the Individual Portfolio Post Item page.

Note – The Single Portfolio Style option in the OSHINE – PORTFOLIO OPTIONS metabox is NOT applicable, if you are showcasing them on a Dual Carousel Portfolio.


Navigate to PAGES -> ADD NEW , give the page a title and publish it. Incase of an existing page, just edit it in the backend.


Choose the Page Template as Portfolio.


Locate the OSHINE – PORTFOLIO TEMPLATE OPTIONS panel. ( usually located at the bottom, in one of the panels, beneath the Page Builder ). Set the Portfolio Style option as Dual Carousel in the dropdown.


Select the Category of Portfolio Items that should be pulled in the page under Portfolio Categories Tab.


Update / Publish the Page.

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