Left Header Settings

This Panel has the options related to the Left Header Layout. Navigate to OSHINE OPTIONS > LEFT HEADER SETTINGS

1. Left Header Style –

There are 3 Styles of Left Header ,

  1. Static Left Menu
  2. Strip with Left Menu
  3. Strip with Overlay Menu

Note – If you choose Header with Strip , the color of the Strip, will be the color that is chosen in the ‘Header Background Color’ option under OSHINE OPTIONS > BACKGROUNDS. Therefore, even if you are using an Image/Pattern for the Header, you need to pick a color, if you choose Header with Strip.

2. Overlay Color on Left Menu –

This color that is set here, will be applied as an Overlay , if an Image is uploaded as the Header Background under OHSINE OPTIONS > BACKGROUNDS.

Note 1 – This will not be applied on “Strip with Overlay Menu” style
3. Image that should appear on the Strip – Click for Preview

Marked as 3 in the Image. The Left Strip has the placeholder for a miniature logo or any symbol on the Top. Upload the image here.

4. Left Overlay Menu Background Color –

Marked as 4 in the Image. The Background Color for the Left Overlay Menu should be set here.

5. Left Menu Border Color –

Marked as 5 in the Image. The Border Color for the Left Menu should be set here. The Border will apply on the Top and Bottom of the Menu.

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