Within each column, is where you need to add the Shortcode Modules in the Page Builder. Click on the ‘+’ icon in the column panel to have the list of shortcode modules opened.

modulemodule list

Each Shortcode module has a list of settings that makes each on of them completely customisable.  To Edit an existing module, you need to hover over the title area and the list of icons to edit the module will be displayed. Here is what the each icon is meant for –

module settings

Types of Modules

The Modules are 2 kinds – Single level and Multi Level.

While the Single Level Modules are straight forward to setup and use, the Multi level shortcodes needs to be added in 2 steps.

An example being the ‘Tabs’ module. If you need Tabs in you page, you should be choosing the ‘Tabs’ module from the list.

You can see this in the page –


Within this, you need to add the content in the individual ‘tab’ in another module. Click on the ‘+’ and the ‘tab’ shortcode settings window will open. Like this –


Here is the List of the Multi Level modules –

  1. Accordion Toggles
  2. BE Slider
  3. Clients
  4. Content Slider
  5. Fixed Height Animated Module
  6. Flex Slider
  7. Icon/Image Grid
  8. Lists
  9. Pricing Table
  10. Process Style
  11. Services
  12. Skills
  13. Tabs
  14. Testimonials
  15. Tweets
  16. Variable Height Animated Module

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