Page Builder Overview

In this section we explain about the structure of the Page Builder and its modules in detail. The BE Page Builder is divided into Sections, Rows and Columns. 

Before you start using the Page Builder in your pages, please ensure that you have checked the ‘Enable Page Builder’ in the options panel in Oshin Options > General Settings Panel. You should know that, as and when you make changes to the page using the Page Builder, the changes will be Auto Saved. However deletion and re-positioning of the modules will not be Auto-Saved. Please make sure you click the Page Builder ‘Save’ button in cases when you do not see the Changes reflecting in the Web Page.

The images below, illustrates the Section Row and Column in the Page Builder , in front end and it’s equivalent backend.


Screenshot 2014-11-30 17.16.25


Screenshot 2014-11-30 18.20.27

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