Like Sections, Row also have a list of settings,



Click this icon to Copy the whole Row’s content. The copied Row Shortcode will be stored in the clip board, which you can paste in another page/place as needed.


This icon is to get the visual preview of the elements in the Row. This is ON by default.


Click this icon to Duplicate the Row. The duplicated section will be placed right below this one.


This Row Settings give more flexibility to the layout . Click this and a list of setting options will open. Here is the list of what each one is meant for –

No Wrap – Enable this to have the row occupy the full screen width, i.e – row will not be wrapped.

Zero Bottom Margin – Every Row has a default bottom margin . Enable this to nullify the bottom margin.

No Space Between Columns – Every column in the row is spaced with a constant gutter value. Enable this to ‘zero’ the spacing between the columns. You can see this setting used in many places in the demo. If this option is enabled, the columns will by default be vertically aligned in the middle.


This icon, is to delete the Row.

Add Section

Click this button to Add an additional Row.

Paste Section

Click this button, to paste the ‘Row’ shortcode that you have copied earlier.

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