Pointers to Improve Performance

The below given pointers can be used to improve site performance but at the end of the day, your server is the limiting factor.

  •  Kindly navigate to OSHINE OPTIONS > PERFORMANCE and enable the “Use Minified CSS assets”, “Use Minified JS assets” options, the number of files will significantly get reduced. In order to still improve your performance ensure whether GZIP compression is enabled in your server, that will reduce your CSS and javascript file sizes by about 80%.
  •  Optimize all your image resources, don’t have any images that run into Megabytes and do not use resolutions that are not required for the web.  But if your target audience have access to good internet speeds, saving a few kb’s in images becomes immaterial. If you have Photoshop, use the “Save for Web” feature to compress your jpegs. You can also use the iResize app for Mac Osx to batch resize and compress images.
  •  Use a caching plugin such as W3C total cache. It will help you cache your pages in the server and will also help you minify css & js resources and will also help you in leveraging browsers cache. I am using this plugin to cache and speed up my demo sites. Kindly setup caching after you have finished developing your site and when you are ready to deploy.
  •  Use a VPS or dedicated hosting and not a shared hosting plan which is what you are probably in currently. This will result in significant speed increases by reducing server response & processing time. Choose a server location that will be close to your target audience. If your target audience is global use a CDN such as cloud flare or possibly MAX CDN which works well with W3C Total cache plugin. CDN is NOT required if your target audience is restricted to a particular country/state.

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